Philadelphia, PA

Community Education Center

Saturday, February 18th, 8PM

Sunday, February 19th, 4PM


Washington, DC

Atlas Performing Arts Center

​Intersections Festival

Saturday, February 25th, 8PM

Sunday, February 26th, 7PM


Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Theatre Project

Friday, March 17th, 8PM

GALA Night Saturday,* March 18th, 8PM

  *Complimentary hors d'oeuvres

   and wine.​


Deep Vision takes Matter, Energy, Human ​on tour!

Photos by City Digital Photography feature Matter, Energy, Human

Impacting Spaces

Winter 2017 Tour

Deep Vision Dance Company's Matter, Energy, Human  delves into the nature of human existence and our connection to the greater universe.

RebollarDance's Space Junk parallels the folds of space-time with psychological spaces of the mind.

RealLivePeople's ​Presenting: You First, with the hope for reciprocation investigates the tenacious, inner conflict of identity as a motivating force for social behavior.

​Join us!

Please support Deep Vision to go on tour to Philadelphia & DC.  100% of your contribution goes toward DVDC's travel, artists, and production expenses.  Campaign Goal is $8,000!

Presenting these works in each of our home cities as well as that of each other's, we investigate "space" in unique ways - the space of creation, psychological spaces, and the perceived space between us.

Be sure to join Deep Vision as we conclude our tour and welcome RebollarDance and RealLivePeople to Baltimore Theatre Project on Friday, March 17th and our gala performance on Saturday, March 18th at 8PM with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and wine. 

Deep Vision Dance Company goes on the road with our new reconstruction of Matter, Energy, Human, choreographed by Artistic Director, Nicole A. Marinell.  Premiering last season to rave reviews, this multi-layered work highlights the weaving, twisting, and converging of 2 paralleled stories: of matter and energy and of our human existence.  Award winning collaborator, Timothy Nohe creates the evolving, oscillating sound score.  

Impacting Spaces is a collaborative 3-city tour with Deep Vision Dance Company of Baltimore, MD, RebollarDance of Washington, DC and RealLivePeople of Philadelphia, PA.  Imaginative, athletic, and rich in detail, Impacting Spaces  compels us to reflect on the visible and invisible world around us.