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Join Deep Vision Dance Company for our open Community Improvisation Jams. All artists and passionate improvisers are invited to explore, intersect, react in the moment, and meet friends for future collaborations. Dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, and literary artists are all welcome to contribute and build a rich creative environment. Participants are asked to follow one guideline: When you enter the space, you are fully committed to the jam session through moving, playing, drawing, writing, or meditating.​​ Hosted in collaboration with Towson University Community Dance.

Held from 6:30PM-9PM at Towson Univ. Center for the Arts, Rm 1006 or at another presenting location. Remove your shoes before entering the studio. Feel free to come and go as you please! 

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“It was a very honest, open, and real experience and it was really awesome of her to share her wisdom with us.”
-- Participating artist

“This was an excellent networking opportunity and a good jumping off point for tackling self-promotion, which I think is a tricky subject for many artists.”

-- Participating artist


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GO DEEP! RESIDENCY: Learning Physics Through Movement

Go Deep! are 1-5 day residencies at schools and community organizations. Students (youth/seniors/families) participate in interactive performances and dance classes.

Learning Physics through Movement is an arts integration outreach program for K-12 school children in the Baltimore area and beyond. Created by Artistic Director/Founder Nicole A. Martinell in collaboration with Towson University Physicist Dr. Svetlana Gladycheva, Learning Physics through Movement shares innovative ways to explore and grasp physics concepts through the breathtaking beauty of dance. Physics concepts, such as inertia, force, and equilibrium, are introduced to students through dance/movement classes, hands-on experiences, performance excerpts, choreographic workshops, and supplementary materials. Students discover that physics describes our everyday lives and find joy in the learning and creative process. More info | TV Appearance | Video Highlights


Halstead Academy Elementary

Pleasant Plains Elementary

Patapsco High School

Jewish Community Center, Owings Mills

West Towson Elementary School
Seton Keough High School

Immaculate Conception School

Towson University Community Dance

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AKIMBO Dance and Movement Art Festival

Presented by Deep Vision Dance Company, AKIMBO Dance & Movement Art Festival showcases Baltimore's professional dance companies and movement artists, from traditional to experimental.

Located in Station North Arts & Entertainment District, Baltimore, City, MD, AKIMBO features many sites throughout the neighborhood. Artists dance in cafes, near street benches, in abandoned buildings, and many more unconventional locations.

The first AKIMBO was in 2012 and we completed our 5th festival in 2016. Check out our AKIMBO 2016 Report

AKIMBO is as much about the journey between the sites as it is about the experiences within. Audience members are encouraged to explore Station North and experience the neighborhood's rich architecture, culture, and community.
AKIMBO events are designed to build community between artists, audiences, and venues and to encourage ongoing relationships for future projects and collaborations.

Media: Photos Review (2016)

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By Local Artists / For Local Artists, these interactive and interdisciplinary workshops engage artists and educators in the areas of audience engagement, collaboration, self-promotion, creative processes, and more. Workshops are open and free
​to the community.  



"Text & Stories" and "Site-Specific Art Making" - Liz Lerman

"Finding the Authentic Artist" – Alex Hewett
“Self Promotion for Artists” – David London
“Getting and Sustaining Work” – CJay Philip
“Audience Engagement” – Buck Jabaily/Nicole Martinell
“Site-Specific Work: a surprise party, a gathering of intersecting strangers, and info-packed event” – Liz Lerman
“Collaborative Creativity” – ellen cherry
“Site-Specific Art Making: creating a journey” – Cassie 

  Meador/Matthew Cumbie

GO DEEP! RESIDENCY: The Traveling Feet of Ragtime

Go Deep! are 1-5 day residencies at schools and community organizations. Students (youth/seniors/families) participate in interactive performances and dance classes.

The Traveling Feet of Ragtime celebrates women of the Ragtime Era (1890s to 1920s).  Used as a means for self-expression, Ragtime dancing became a catalyst for social change during the women’s suffrage movement.  Women displayed acts of defiance by swinging, swaying, and performing Animal Dances, through the streets. Participants watch a performance of The Traveling Feet as well as participate in a workshop exploring the playful movements and music of the Ragtime Era. Dances include the "grizzly bear," "turkey trop," "crab," "bunny hop," and more!​​

Past Locations
Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts
George Washington Caver Center for Arts and Technology
Immaculate Conception School
West Towson Elementary School
Seton Keough High School
Maryland Dance Alliance
St. Joseph's Nursing Home​​

​Weinberg Village