A message from the artistic director and a pledge from Deep Vision



We at Deep Vision believe that all Black lives matter and support the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand in solidarity with the Black community, and we pledge to go further than a public statement.  Violence and anti-Black racism must stop, and we must all be a part of the process. 
We vow to move through a period of reflection. Where have we been blind? Where have we not spoken up and taken action? Where has our ignorance caused harm? Where have we proclaimed unity but demonstrated a lack of diversity?  Where have we avoided the difficult conversations?  Where could we have done more to fight systemic racism on a small and large scale? 
Small actions have a rippling effect.  This reflection must shift to action - continual steps towards justice, respect, equal opportunity and resources for all Black lives. 

As part of our call to action, Deep Vision and the board of directors are donating $4,000 to various, local organizations dedicated to Baltimore’s Black community and focused on achieving social justice and racial equity.  Pivotal in the Black Lives Matter movement, these organizations are working towards the freedom, safety, education, growth, health, and fundamental rights of all Black people.  Many of the organizations share our belief in the transformative power of the arts and use the arts as a catalyst for social change and for fostering the skills of Baltimore’s artists and youth. 

Along with donating, we are taking action by examining our organizational values and practices and educating ourselves through workshops, forums, open discussions, and ongoing reflection.  We shall continue to identify strategies that enable us to be agents of social change.

With love, all of us at Deep Vision

Deep Vision Dance Company, Inc. graciously acknowledges the support of our many, individual donors.  ​​

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