Physics Residency at Patapsco High School & Center for the Arts

Friday, October 13 | Patapsco High School | Dundalk, MD
Deep Vision presents Learning Physics through Movement  to the students of Pleasant Plains Elementary and Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts. Learning Physics through Movement is an arts integration outreach program for K-12 school students that shares innovative ways to explore and grasp physics concepts through the breathtaking beauty of dance. Physics concepts such as inertia, force, and equilibrium, will be introduced to students through a lecture demonstration and Deep Vision Dance Company repertory excerpts. More info

Havre de Grace Opera House Presents Deep Vision in Opening Season

Sunday, October 22 | Opera House | Havre de Grace, MD

The newly renovated Cultural Center at the Havre de Grace Opera House presents Deep Vision in their opening season on October 22nd at 3pm.  Come see the beautiful space, a few blocks from the Chesapeake Bay.  Concert features Deep Vision's final presentation of the revamped, full length version of Matter, Energy, Human, and the psychologically intense solo, Inner Palette​.  

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Evening of Artistic Excellence, Free Fall Baltimore
Monday, October 30 | Center Stage | Baltimore City, MD
Deep Vision's Artistic Director, Nicole A. Martinell presents her work, Inner Palette​, at the Evening of Artistic Excellence, an annual Free Fall Baltimore performance of the winning performing artists of the Baker Artist Awards.  Dancer, Lia Karaginopoulos to perform Martinell's choreographic work.

Martinell Presents Physics Work at MDEA & NDEO Conferences 
Friday, October 20 | Towson University, Towson, MD

Tuesday, November 14 | The Hyatt Regency | San Antonio, TX
Deep Vision's Artistic Director, Nicole A. Martinell first presents "Action/Reaction: Exploring Fundamental Partnering Techniques through Physics Concepts" at the Maryland Dance Education Association conference with co-presenter, Kelly Weckesser Hall, and then presents "Equilibrium to Motion: Using Physics as a Lens for Dance Making" at the National Dance Education Organization's annual conference.  Workshops presents her collaborative research with Towson University's Physicist, Svetlana Gladycheva and their development of the ​Learning Physics through Movement as well as her continual explorations with artist, Kelly Weckesser Hall.

Community Improvisation Jam 
Monday, December 4 | 6:30-9:00pm | Eisner Dance Studio, Sports and Recreation Center, Goucher College

Goucher College hosts a Deep Vision Community Improvisation Jam on MONDAY, Dec 4th from 6:30-9pm.  Dancers, musicians, singers, visual artists, and anyone with a passion for improvising are welcome to attend.  Immerse yourself in a safe, intimate, collaborative space with likeminded arts for an evening of creativity that ebbs and flows at your own pace.  This is a FREE event.

Deep Vision Dance Company, Inc. graciously acknowledges the support of our contributors and many individual donors.  Operating support is provided by the Maryland State Arts Council, www.msac.org. Learning Physics through Movement is funded by the Citizens of Baltimore County.

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